Join Us June 12th for KJ at the Vineyard featuring Russell Dickerson, Chris Lane, William Beckmann, and Ashley Cooke
Join Us June 12th for KJ at the Vineyard featuring Russell Dickerson, Chris Lane, William Beckmann, and Ashley Cooke

Pairing Lobster With Wine: What Works Well

Lobster is the king of seafood. With the sweet, perfectly firm, and succulent meat, what isn’t to love about it?

But does it pair with Texas wine?? Find out below...

Lobsters are the perfect centerpiece for any meal or special occasion, whether it’s a romantic date, a family get-together, or even a normal weekday night. With that in mind, we are so glad to have partnered up with the seafood experts at Lobster Anywhere to provide this lobster-Texas wine pairing guide! When it comes to pairing wine for a lobster lunch or dinner, we know that we’re definitely happy to stroll down to the cellar and open up the best bottle we can find. A 100% Texan wine paired with fresh American lobster is our idea of bliss, a four-season combination perfect for any meal on any day.

When it comes to pairing wines with lobster, most wine experts and enthusiasts are happy to follow the general guidelines—white wines usually work well with seafood and white meats, while red wines typically pair well with red meats. While we’re a big fan of the classic combinations, we’re also not afraid to go outside the box to bring together uniquely delicious pairings for any occasion. We believe that red, rosé and white wines can all pair terrifically with lobster, as long as they’re both acidic and medium-low in tannins. Our crisp and light wine recommendations will enhance the lobster’s natural flavors, resulting in a perfect symphony for your palate.

2018 Sangiovese Alta Loma

2018 Sangiovese Alta Loma

Dinner inside? You can still have the same romantic dinner for two, albeit with a homely twist. If you’re going all-out and serving sweet lobster with a delicious steak, the 2018 Sangiovese Alta Loma, with its universal yet sophisticated taste, perfectly complements both proteins. Bottled with grapes from one of our best growing seasons in recent years, the grapes in this wine have seen plenty of sunny days and cool nights, resulting in a fully-developed taste.

The higher acidity of our 2018 Sangiovese Alta Loma brings out the flavors of the lobster, just like a lemon squeeze, while the medium tannins work wonderfully in combination with heavier beef. This 100% Texas High Plains wine will uplift the classic surf-and-turf to another dimension with a flavor that combines earthy notes with a hint of black fruit.

2021 Pétillant Naturel

Sometimes, you’re just looking for the perfect bubbly to pair with lobster. As the weather begins to heat up, we find ourselves looking more and more at our vintage 2019 Pétillant Naturel. Delightfully bubbly and vibrant, our Pét Nat is made with a unique combination of Sangiovese, Mourvèdre, Cinsault, and Trebbiano, and is bottled using the traditional Methode Ancestrale technique. Due to the bottling technique, every bottle of our 2019 Pét Nat is individually unique and will continue to ferment in the bottle before you crack it open—our 2019 Pétillant Naturel is a wild wine, so make sure you keep it still and upright for several days before opening! Best served ice-cold, our 2019 Pét Nat features citrus notes and light, natural effervescence, making it a perfect pairing for lobster, raw oysters, and charcuterie. We personally think our 2019 Pétillant Naturel is the perfect pairing for steamed lobsters with butter.

Our 2021 Pétillant Naturel also pairs perfectly with a classic surf-and-turf dinner. The Pét Nat compliments lobster perfectly, while a heavier red wine can be served to accompany the steak. We recommend that you savor the Pét Nat first in this case, as the light and the crispy flavor is best enjoyed before sipping a heavier red.

Skeleton Key Proprietors Red IVSkeleton Key Proprietors Red

The Skeleton Key Proprietors Red VI is a red wine with high tannins. With its rich taste, it’s great for steak, not lobster. Pair it with our 2021 Pétillant Naturel and a surf-and-turf, however, and you have yourself a killer double date of wines and proteins. Our Skeleton Key Proprietors Red VI, inspired by a key found on the vineyard estate, is one of our most unique wines, a special blend designed to perfectly encapsulate all that makes Texas winemaking unique in one bottle. The Skeleton Key Red features a grape blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sangiovese, Tannat, Ruby Cabernet, Aglianico, and Syrah, which all combine to create a bold flavor with dark fruit and earthy notes.

Sway Rosé - of ANY size

We’ve got no qualms about pairing luxurious lobster with a canned wine—the Sway Rosé is our bring anywhere, pair with anything wine perfect for any occasion. Created using 100% Texas High Plains grapes, this Rosé is bone dry and pairs deliciously with the sweet and delicate flavors of lobster. The Sway Rosé comes in a beautiful peachy color and features notes of strawberries, passionfruit, guava, and honeysuckle, for a bright, fruity taste. This medium-bodied and aromatic rosé served in a can, is the perfect wine for some sweet and buttery lobster rolls, consumed in either the comfort of your own home or shared in the yard.