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Prior to their partnership, both Bill and Chris had numerous years of experience growing grapes in Texas. Since the two established the William Chris Vineyards brand, a beautiful story continues to be written. Not only driven by the passion of our founders but also the community they continue to build as the business grows. Our vineyard partners, winemakers, and team members make Bill and Chris's vision a reality.


Bill Talks Terroir with Vine to Wine

Posted by Tara Guthrie on August 30, 2018
Bill Blackmon recently joined wine industry advocates and radio personalities Kathryn Cook, a full time viticulturist at, Tallent Vineyards, and Charley Jordan, a mainstay in Hill Country radio to ...
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Summertime Wine and Cheese Pairing by Cathedrals and Cafés

Posted by Tara Guthrie on August 21, 2018
We love our wine club members, they are a creative lot with impeccable tastes in food and wine. Some, like Erin Segreto of Cathedrals and Cafés even share their own tips and tricks for pai...
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Faces of Harvest Season 2018: Trucking Grapes Across Texas

Posted by Tara Guthrie on August 15, 2018
Around the Texas wine country, harvest season is like running a marathon while sprinting the entire way. It’s a non-stop, around the clock job and it takes a village to make it happen. Sampling gra...
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Texas Wine Guide: 2017 Mary Ruth

Posted by Tara Guthrie on July 12, 2018
Nothing pleases us more than when we get to share a piece of our world, but it’s pretty awesome when other folks want to share it, too. In the summer 2018 issue of
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Happy Father's Day: A Letter to Bill from Ann Marie

Posted by Ann Marie Blackmon on June 17, 2018
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Why Mourvèdre is a Texas Wine Growers Best Friend

Posted by Marcy Stellfox on April 12, 2018
If you’ve visited William Chris a few times and participated in a wine tasting, chances are you may have tasted a Mourvèdre. And if you’re a wine club member, you’ve probably received some Mourvèdr...
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Wine Pairings for Dinner at Home this Valentine's Day

Posted by Marcy Stellfox on February 14, 2018
I don’t know about you, but when it comes to Valentine’s Day, I’d much rather spend a night in with my sweetie cooking dinner than fighting the crowds, chaos and rushed feeling of a holiday dining ...
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Wines to Keep You Holiday House Guest Ready

Posted by Tara Guthrie on November 30, 2017
‘Tis the season for galoshes, gifts, and guests. And guests, just like Christmas cookies, come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and flavors. Whether in need of a special last-minute present or plannin...
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Get to Know Our Artist Blend 2017 Finalists

Posted by Tara Guthrie on November 15, 2017
Voting is complete for our next Artist Blend label winner, but the art we received was too good not to keep sharing. While we can't wait to announce the winner this spring, in the meantime, we enco...
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Our Top 3 Texas Wine and Halloween Candy Pairings

Posted by Marcy Stellfox on October 27, 2017
Halloween, it’s a holiday that you either love or hate. Remember the days when the biggest problem in life was deciding which costume to wear for the big night out? Now you have to deal with costum...
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