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Shipping Included with 6 Bottles or More

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Whether you are a member at William Chris Vineyards or Lost Draw Cellars, this food and wine pairing guide is for you! The wines coming to you soon are some of the most food-friendly styles out there, and we're passing along our recommendations for classic, and not-so-classic pairings, plus a couple of our favorite recipes, too! White and rosé wine from Texas can pair with a large range of cuisine, and if you are a red wine lover then you are in for a treat. While many may think that these light styles of wine will only pair with seafood, salads, and maybe some chicken dishes, these are actually my go-to wine pairings for pork chop, ramen noodles, spicy food, and even charred brisket! Why? While light in body, our white or rosé wines are NOT light in flavor, and even more powerful than flavor is the acidity that is linked with many white wines and almost every rosé out there. Acidity + Food = YUM. So dive in below to find the wine you are most excited for!


William Chris Vineyards - White & Rosé Release


2021 La Pradera RosÉ

Traditional: Quiche Lorraine (Recipe HERE!)

Non-traditional: Supreme pizza?!

Rosé is known for being a 'universal pairer', meaning that it is a great wine to pair with just about anything While this 2021 La Pradera Blend Rosé may look light in color and drink like a lighter style, make no mistake that the vibrant, tart acidity that rosé is known for is a very powerful thing. So, for a picnic on a Summers day, a Quiche Lorraine with bacon will always do the trick, but when it comes down to it, the peppery Carignan and spiced Cinsaut in this blend will tame the acidity and marry well with the Italian sausage, bell pepper, olive, tomato sauce, and cheese on a loaded pizza!

2021 Roussanne, La Pradera Vineyards

Traditional: Foie gras and pâté

Non-traditional: Breakfast-for-dinner

There is not much that does NOT go with Roussanne! From shellfish to crustaceans to fish to poultry to veal to squash and even Asian cuisine, this wine can do it all. In France its classic partner is a creamy pâté or other liver dish because of the Roussanne grapes natural heartiness and lovely viscous texture. BUT, if you want to get really creative, I think you should fry up some eggs, make a hollandaise, buttermilk biscuits, bacon (of course), and even pancakes! Ditch the overly-sweet maple syrup and instead select an apricot or peach jam and salty butter that will help the wine really "pop".

2021 Picpoul Blanc, Alta Loma Vineyard

Traditional: Delicate seared fish

Non-traditional: Fried Chicken

Picpoul loosely translates to 'a kiss of lemon', so the most classic pairing is a light fish where the wine acts like that spritz of citrus to liven the light dish. The great thing is, this makes pairing easy because whatever dish you would normally squeeze a lemon over, Picpoul is likely to mesh well with. But, that citrus component is also useful in other ways...the naturally high acidity of the Picpoul grape will cut through a fatty dish like a knife through butter! This is why fried chicken, especially with a green herb in the breading, makes an outstanding and finger-licking pairing to Picpoul.

2021 Sauvignon Blanc, Dell ValleY vineyard

June Release Blog (5)

Traditional: Fresh Texas goat cheese

Non-traditional: Dim Sum

One of the most classic pairings out there is Sauvignon Blanc and goat cheese, and what luck that Texas goats produce beautiful milk for making soft chèvre cheese. Because this style of cheese is so fresh, the terroir of Texas can truly be expressed through the taste, just like in the always all-Texas 2021 Sauvignon Blanc from Dell Valley - a perfect pairing based on a similar taste of place. Need something a little more substantial? The aromatic herbs, broths, dips, and citrus components of Dim Sum seem made for the similarly citrusy and herbaceous Sauvignon Blanc! The acidity of this wine will stand up to both fried and steamed dishes, entrancing you as this dry white changes from dish to dish.



Lost Draw Cellars - June Rosé Release

2021 Counoise Rosé, Crookhouse Vineyard

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Traditional: Tuna Niçoise

Non-traditional: Pork Chop (Recipe HERE!)

Light and bright, this tea-like wine really doesn't need food to be enjoyed, but that doesn't mean we are lacking in ideas! Tuna Niçoise complete with green beans, egg, honey-Dijon dressing, and a dash of pepper is a no-brainer for this wine. BUT, I have to admit, I am a meat lover and sometimes, fish and beans just don't do it for me. I'll be drinking a LOT of the 2021 Counoise Rosé this Summer and when I'm in the mood for grilling, I know this wine will do the trick! The marinated, spice-rubbed, charred, and yes, fatty bone-in pork chop will only become more flavorful next to this richly texture, albeit lightly colored rosé.

2021 Saignée Rosé

Traditional: Butter poached lobster

Non-traditional: Charred brisket on the barbecue

The rich tones associated with rosés made in 'saignée method' (a rosé 'bled' off of red winemaking) mean that a rich seafood pairing is in its wheelhouse, and butter-poached lobster is what I often go to for a light yet incredibly flavorful lunch pairing with rosé. The power of this wine is that it will tingle alongside lighter dishes and explode with barbecue! This wine is packed with flavor ready to unleash as soon as moist brisket, spicy sausage, potato salad, and mac n' cheese (with bacon) hit your palate. Again, the acidity cuts through everything making the food more tender and flavorful, and the wine creamier in texture.

June Release Blog (3)2021 Sparkling Pinot Meunier Rosé

Traditional: Grilled salmon

Non-traditional: Duck Schnitzel

This may be one of our most food-friendly wines being that it is both rosé and quite bubbly. The natural earthiness of the Pinot Meunier grape, plus the minimal intervention methods used to make the wine also mean that gamey, smoky, and umami flavors in the food will make this wine really shine! While a powerful, grilled fish and a risotto will work wonders with the wines richness, a gamier option like duck schnitzel with slaw and orange or even a savory mushroom and Dijon-based sauce will surely be no challenge for this wine.

Basically, pick up plenty of bottles so you can pair it with any meal you can think of - I dare it not to pair beautifully...

2021 Rosé, Uplift vineyards

Traditional: Salad and grilled vegetables

Non-traditional: Spicy tomato ragout

Soft Grenache and herbaceous Sangiovese come together to make this saignée method rosé a pleasant pairing to greens, and bitter or grilled ones at that. On those days that you've gotten enough iron in your system, grilled up some squash, portabellas, tomatoes, asparagus, and onion and drizzle on some 1836 Texas olive oil and a splash balsamic. Make no mistake...this wine is not limited to just veggies...the Sangiovese in this wine is what holds the power and is a grape that loves to be paired with tomato and herbs! While this originally Italian grape works its magic, the plush nature of Grenache will help mitigate spicy heat so you can get to the flavors that spice can hide behind its signature burn.



This guide is by no means a rigid rulebook - these wines are food-friendly, meaning that you have so many options when you pop open a bottle. Just remember that salt is your friend when drinking these wines, and that a fat component like cheese, cream, or marbled meat will allow the wines acidity to do its thing. In turn, the acidity will not be so apparent, truly unlocking the full potential of the wines flavor without the sometimes harsh tartness they can lead with. Experiment and have fun. And let us know what you most enjoy by tagging us on social media (#williamchriswines)! Happy drinking!



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