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Who we are

Prior to their partnership, both Bill and Chris had numerous years of experience growing grapes in Texas. Since the two established the William Chris Vineyards brand, a beautiful story continues to be written. Not only driven by the passion of our founders but also the community they continue to build as the business grows. Our vineyard partners, winemakers, and team members make Bill and Chris's vision a reality.


Wine is KEY!

Posted by Rachael Theberge on February 27, 2015
We are pleased to announce the newest addition t...
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I'll Second THIS Emotion!

Posted by Rachael Theberge on January 20, 2015
If you have ever been to visit us at William Chris Vineyards, you have more than likely tasted or at least seen our Emotion wine label. With February about to begin, and lips prints about to cover ...
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Growing VERY Local

Posted by Rachael Theberge on December 16, 2014
If anyone has been to visit us in ...
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No Lees, Please!

Posted by Rachael Theberge on December 9, 2014
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Plate-Licking Good Dinners!

Posted by Rachael Theberge on November 19, 2014
We are very excited about our new Hye Supper Club dinners! These dinners are all very intimate dinners prepared specially by Chef Chozet. Each dinner only has 10 seats available, so you are guarant...
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Winter in the Vineyard

Posted by Rachael Theberge on November 6, 2014
When most people think about vineyards, they imagine the lush leaf-covered vines adorned with grape clusters a plenty. But what happens after harvest? For William Chris Vineyards, we have many proj...
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Does Your Wine Glass Really Make a Difference?

Posted by Rachael Theberge on October 28, 2014
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Bottles, Bottles Everywhere!

Posted by Rachael Theberge on October 24, 2014
YAY! Bottling is almost over for the fall and Chris couldn't be more excited! (Clearly...
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Introducing the William Chris Blog

Posted by Rachael Theberge on October 24, 2014
At Willliam Chris Vineyards, we are dedicated to Sharing a Piece of our World with you. We feel as though a blog will be a great new outlet for this. We will be posting weekly with topic...
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