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Get Shipping Included When You Order 6 or More Bottles!

Wine for the Beer Drinker

With harvest season winding down, Chris gives Studio512 viewers some ideas for wines that appeal to folks that who say, "I'm more of a beer drinker than a wine drinker" - chances are you know one. Turns out, it takes a lot of great beer to make great wine so you're in good hands. 

Watch Chris give wine recommendations for craft beer lovers.

Watch Chris's segment on KXAN Austin's Studio 512

Chris Recommends These Texas Wines for Texas Beer Lovers 

Love this beer, Austin Beerworks Pearlsnap Pilsner? Try this wine, Sway Rosé by Yes We Can Wine.

Both beverages are no frills and an easy order to call across the bar in just about any place around town.

Love this beer, Real Ale Brewing Company Gose Wheat-Ale? Try this wine, Mandola Vineyards Vermentino by William Chris Vineyards.

Right down the road from our Hye Estate Vineyards and tasting room, our neighbors at Real Ale Brewing Company are doing some adventurous things with their beers. For the adventurous beer lover, branch out with less known varietals like Vermentino grown right in Austin's backyard near Driftwood, Texas. 

Love this beer, Guadalupe Brewing Company Texas Honey Ale? Try this wine, Texas Tannat by William Chris Vineyards.

Tannat and Mourvèdre are Chris's favorite grapes to work with when making wines that express the place they are grown.