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Prior to their partnership, both Bill and Chris had numerous years of experience growing grapes in Texas. Since the two established the William Chris Vineyards brand, a beautiful story continues to be written. Not only driven by the passion of our founders but also the community they continue to build as the business grows. Our vineyard partners, winemakers, and team members make Bill and Chris's vision a reality.

How to Select a Wine for a Romantic Evening

Posted by Callisto Griffifth on February 13, 2019

Most people are back to the grind from the Holidays, or cozied up this time of year, or attempting to “be good” with their New Year’s resolutions. With Valentines Day around the corner, consider making a romantic gesture with a carefully selected wine to celebrate the occasion.

The William Chris Vineyards winemaking team shares their top wine choices to help you set the mood this Valentine’s Day.


Whether you’re taking your loved one out for dinner or preparing a meal together, our winemakers recommend you begin your night with bubbles or a blanc, transition to a ‘drinkable’ red wine paired with dinner, then consider a fortified wine, brandy, scotch or cordial as your dessert.

Keep it Classy

William Chris Vineyards co-owner and winegrower, William ‘Bill’ Blackmon, likes any wine that starts with a “C” for romance.

“I feel if the wine starts with a C, it pairs beautifully with the C in romantic. Then you can put on the classics – classic music, classic movies, and a gentleman that’s a class act.”

Bill and Beth

Bill and his lovely wife, Beth, at our 2017 Harvest Dinner

Speaking of classics, did you know that there are classic grape varieties. It is said that these grapes retain their character and hold true to their value no matter where in the world they are planted. The William Chris team practices old-world winemaking styles and appreciates the historical significance that the classics have made in the world of wine.

Stay true to the classics with Bill’s recommended William Chris wines for Valentine’s Day -

Nouveau for Novia or Novio

Co-owner and winemaker, Chris Brundrett, loves a light-bodied, fruit-forward Beaujolais. He says a simple and approachable wine like this embodies the spirit of enjoying the company you keep.

“I believe Valentine’s Day is about enjoying your significant other, so a drinking wine is better than a sipping wine.”

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 5.33.32 PM

Mourvèdre, Roussanne, and Skeleton Key are great 'drinking wines'

Chris echoes Bill’s choice, he also recommends our 2017 Cinsault from Lost Draw Vineyards. Chris says it captures the essence of gathering, comradery, and sharing/making stories and memories.

Some wines are meant to save and sip, while others are to be enjoyed “in the moment” and Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to break into those wines you like to drink regularly.


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Bubbles for Your Babe

Lead winemaker Josh Fritsche believes, “Nothing says it better than a magnum of bubbles.” Champagne or a sparkling wine undoubtedly adds a fun factor to almost any occasion.

William Chris Vineyards Pétillant Natural (available at Whole Foods Market) – a naturally sparkling rose – offers a festive, effervescent alternative to traditional Champagne. Bonus, it’s a conversation starter if you're on a date with someone new.

Fortified is Alright

Assistant winemaker Tony Offill recommends a fortified wine for celebrating a special occasion with your sweetheart. He recommends this wine for its rich character.

Fortified Wine

Fortified Roussanne pictured above

The most common types of fortified wines are Madeira, Marsala, port, sherry, and vermouth. The William Chris Jacquez is a unique, Madeira port wine, perfect for enhancing your Valentine’s evening, however, we are patiently waiting for the next release - so if you are holding on to a bottle, Valentine’s may be just the occasion you’ve been waiting for to pop it open.

Our fortified wine, Cibola, is available and pairs nicely with desserts and decadent cheeses.

Texas Wine Country Experience

To cover all the bases, we are offering a Valentine’s Day gift set that includes a certificate for a two-person tasting - that way you can enjoy your wine for the holiday and plan a getaway to Texas wine country afterward.

Interested in a getaway, or a tasting room and tour experience? Our concierge can help you curate a special date - or simply set you up with an advance reservation (reservations are required for tastings on Saturday). 


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