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Get Shipping Included When You Order 6 or More Bottles!

Happy Father's Day: A Letter to Bill from Ann Marie


Bill and Ann Marie Blackmon at William Chris Vineyards Grape Punch


Dear Dad, 

Happy Fathers Day!

Thank you for teaching me what it takes to follow your dreams. I remember waking up at 3:00am to get to the vineyard Granite Hill to make sure it didn’t freeze in the middle of the night. I was about 6 years old, and Davis must have been freshly 11, but that didn’t stop you from making sure the crop stayed healthy, and that your kids were also looked after while we napped in the work office.

I remember when the entire family and our best friends spent every hour of the day prepping for the grand opening of William Chris Vineyards, to be showcased the next day. I became restless with the relentless building, cleaning. I won't forget the frustration that we had finding a bar big enough for the front room of the farmhouse, then when we found the perfect one it didn't even fit through the door! Still, by the next morning somehow everything was set. That day everything you had worked for and envisioned for the past 20 or so years came to fruition. That day I was able to see all our friends and family that believed in you like I did - the best part was when I saw the huge impact you have on our community. That is one of my fondest and proudest memories.

Every year since I come to realize and appreciate something new about the amount of work, the community, and integrity it takes to build the business and reputation you have in the name of our family.

I couldn’t be more proud to be your daughter. I called you this morning only to find you out in the field, working, on a Sunday (Father's Day) like usual. Because “that’s just what Daddy’s do,” you always say. 

Bill and Ann Marie Blackmon at Granite Hill

Bill and Ann Marie at Granite Hill Vineyards

You work so selflessly to be able to provide a wonderful life for Davis and I, all while pursuing your dreams. You are my #1 role model!

With all the love, 

Ann Marie 



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