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Prior to their partnership, both Bill and Chris had numerous years of experience growing grapes in Texas. Since the two established the William Chris Vineyards brand, a beautiful story continues to be written. Not only driven by the passion of our founders but also the community they continue to build as the business grows. Our vineyard partners, winemakers, and team members make Bill and Chris's vision a reality.


D Thompson

D Thompson
A former teacher and school administrator, D Thompson has championed the power of education in improving others’ lives for more than 15 years. In 2018, he brought those skills to the William Chris team as the Director of Education & Experiences. While exploring many of the world’s major wine regions in person and visiting over 35 countries, D became a self-taught wine nerd. He is passionate about sharing his love and knowledge of wine with others so that they, too, can share in the joy and community of the wine world. He holds his WSET Level 3 Award in Wine and his WSET Level 1 Award in Sake. He loves French bulldogs, his Texas Aggies (Class of 2006), international travel, high acid white wines, and Champagne.

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Posted by D Thompson on June 30, 2020
The thing is, for Texans, BBQ means much more than just burgers and hot dogs on the grill. For most of us, it means spending hours (even overnight) smoking whole beef briskets. It means beef ribs, ...
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Summer Wine Pairing Guide

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D here to give you all the tips and tricks to pairing our Summer Stock-Up with some of your favorite Summer foods! 
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What is diurnal shift and why should you care?

Posted by D Thompson on August 9, 2019
Too often when wine people explain wine terms, especially ones that aren’t widely used in other arenas, they focus too much on the definition of the term and forget that their audience (wine drinke...
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What is an AVA and Why Does it Matter?

Posted by D Thompson on June 27, 2019
How can a wine drinker be assured that the wine they’re purchasing is a) the grape varietal(s) they want, b) from the place they want it, and c) at a quality level they’re comfortable with? In Fran...
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